Dan Granett

 Ba. at UCLA, 1967

(sampling of activities)


Served as scientist at JPL/NASA on several Space Shuttle projects

(co-inventor on 3 NASA patents)

US4645442 Shell forming apparatus
US4520656 Gravity enhanced acoustic levitation method and apparatus
US4549435 Vibrating-chamber levitation systems,


Built a bladeless turbine for burning dirty fuels such as agricultural waste (rice husks, etc.) to pump clean well water, generate electricity, power machinery,

Designed and marketed algae photo bioreactors for culturing high oil content strains,

   Since 1978 has maintained Granett Engineering to design and prototype special machines and apparatus for local labs. 








S.E. Nickols, Electrical Engineer:

BSEE State University of NewJersey/MSEE NYU

Co-inventor at Raychem of Patent Numbers 5,689,395, 5,831,803, 6,104,583 and 6,181,541.

Over 30years of Electrical Engineering experience developing Scientific and Medical Device Development including X-Ray imaging systems. Very familiar with design control and regulatory processes guiding medical device development.

Founder of Diablo Mountain Research LLC in 2004.