The operator is protected from excess x-rays because they pass straight through the mirror.  Only the optical image safely reflects back to be observed or photo recorded. The image can also be sent via cell phone to specialists anywhere for further diagnosis.


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To prove the system we used a commercial cathode to make this exposure.  In the next phase of the project we will make our own CNT (carbon nanotube) cathodes at a small fraction of the cost.



Electrons spray off the ends of the nanotubes using only a tiny fraction of the current required by conventional x-ray tubes, hit the metal target and emerge as x-rays.

This is the key to low weight, compact size, and low cost.



Growing nanotubes (CNT) in our tube oven


diskoven  diskovenhot

Sintering the CNT to a stainless steel       

disk. This will become the emitter.


dgvac  testtubes

Dan attaching a prototype xr tube to the

vacuum system


glowtube         danproto

First output                                                         Fitting it all in with windup charger



                                   Conventional medical x-ray system